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Konten halaman tidak didukung dalam bahasa lain.
Sekang Wikipedia, Ensiklopedia Bebas sing nganggo Basa Banyumasan: dhialek Banyumas, Purbalingga, Tegal lan Purwokerto.

Article request[besut sumber]

Greetings Harvzsf! Can you help me create a stub for this article which is based on the Indonesian article. Just 2-5 lines would be sufficient enough and your help would be gratefully appreciated. (I do not know what the correct Banyamusan title should be). Thanks.

Regards -- Joseph, 06:05 Friday 31 March 2006 (UTC)

Your account will be renamed[besut sumber]

18 Maret 2015 03.18 (UTC)

Files with no license[besut sumber]

Hi! You have uploaded one or more files with no license. All files on Wikipedia need a license. If no license is added the file have to be deleted.

So please check the files you have uploaded and check if all information is correct and if there is a license.

You can see the file(s) in Kategori:Files with no license. There is a link in the top of the category you can click to see which file(s) you uploaded. --MGA73 (rembugan) 29 Mei 2021 17.56 (UTC)[wangsuli]