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You can see the file(s) in [[:Kategori:Files with no license]]. There is a link in the top of the category you can click to see which file(s) you uploaded. --[[Naraguna:MGA73|MGA73]] ([[Parembugan Naraguna:MGA73|rembugan]]) 29 Mei 2021 17.58 (UTC)
:Hi [[Naraguna:MGA73|MGA73]], thanks for the call out. It's been long long time since I was active in this Banyumasan Wikipedia. I'll review them, please give me some time, ok? Bests, [[Naraguna:Naval Scene|Naval Scene]] ([[Parembugan Naraguna:Naval Scene|rembugan]]) 31 Mei 2021 09.40 (UTC)


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