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<languages/> Cithakan:H:h <translate> The recent changes page in MediaWiki lets you see the most recent edits made to pages in your MediaWiki project. Using this page, users can monitor and review the work of other users, allowing mistakes to be corrected and vandalism to be eliminated. There is a link to the recent changes page at the top or in the sidebar of each page. You can also create a link to the page as [[Special:RecentChanges]]. For a heavily used MediaWiki project such as Wikipedia, the recent changes page changes so rapidly that its usefulness is questionable.

Options[sunting | besut sumber]

After calling a recent changes page one can specify options to show a different selection of recent changes: one can specify a namespace, with or without the associated namespace (the talk pages, or conversely for a talk page namespace), and/or invert the selection (see the changes in all namespaces except the one or two specified).

Logged in users can set preferences to specify defaults for some of these options, and for the way the recent changes are arranged. The applicable options are:

  • Hide minor edits in recent changes – this hides all edits that have been marked as minor by logged in users;
  • Days to show in recent changes – You may select the number of days to be shown by default on the recent changes page.
  • Number of recent changes – You may select the number of changes which will be shown by default. Once on that page, links are provided for other options. In the case of enhanced recent changes, this number of changes includes those that are initially hidden.

Top of recent changes page[sunting | besut sumber]

The content of MediaWiki:Recentchangestext is what appears at the top of Astamiwa:Recentchanges. It can be edited when necessary. Parembugan MediaWiki:Recentchangestext is for discussing what might go on it. See also below #Internationalisation.